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I Specialize in Designing Websites That Elevate Your Brand and Engage Your Community!

About Me

Born in the Netherlands and raised in New Zealand. I’ve always loved building and designing things ever since I fell in love with Photoshop in 2013. I haven’t been able to stop!

Recently I found a passion for helping life-coaches and authors build websites designed to cultivate an engaged community and bring life to their brand.

Future plans? To become the one-stop-design-shop for life-coaches and authors

The Reimagine Project

This is a personal project where I take the websites of influencers in the self-help and personal development space and put my own spin on the design.

Danielle Laporte

With Danielle’s whole-hearted and down-to-earth style of coaching, I wanted to…

Marie Forleo

For this design, I really wanted to try and express Marie’s flare and passion…

Sarah Prout

The first piece in the project is for Sarah Prout’s website. The love and care Sarah…

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Latest Articles

A few of my thoughts on branding, design, business, and life. 

Typography Guide for Websites

Typography Guide for Websites

A common thing that's overlooked when anyone designs a new website is the text on the pages. Not just what it says, but how it looks. Think about some of the most beautiful website designs you've come across. What makes them look so good? There's a number of things...

3 Brand Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid

3 Brand Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid

1. Irrelevant content It’s so easy to overlook, but posting content that is relevant to your target market is extremely important! After all – your customers are the ones keeping your business afloat. So how do you create and post content that will do you well on...

5 Tips To Improve Copywriting For Social Media

5 Tips To Improve Copywriting For Social Media

Social media posts generally consist of 2 parts. The text, and the image/video, so it’s important to get them both right. In this article, we’ll talk about how to write more effective text/copy for your posts, landing pages, and website. Attention Social media is...

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What can I do for you? I can help you design your website, online course, landing pages, social media campaigns, and more. Basically, if it’s visual and digital I can help! Check out some of my recent projects.

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