5 Tips To Improve Copywriting For Social Media

Social media posts generally consist of 2 parts. The text, and the image/video, so it’s important to get them both right. In this article, we’ll talk about how to write more effective text/copy for your posts, landing pages, and website.


Social media is a very noisy environment, so it can be difficult to grab your customer’s attention. If this is something you’re having trouble with, try using questions to call out your market. You can create questions around your customer’s fears or concerns.

For example: If you run a hair salon, one of your customer’s fears could be that they don’t trust the person cutting their hair because if it’s cut wrong they will have to live with it. So you can use that to create an attention-grabbing question. A question for the hair salon could be: “Would you trust this person to cut your hair?…”. This directly addresses their fears, grabs their attention and allows you to introduce them to your business.


Keep up to date with everything that’s relevant to your target market. Try mentioning and collaborating with events and news that speaks to your market. There are a number of different sites like popurls.com which allows you to find these relevant trends.

Keep It Simple

Don’t use any words a 16-year-old wouldn’t understand, because most people don’t like taking the time to process big words. Trim your copy down to the bare minimum and use words with no more than 2 syllables, unless it’s absolutely necessary. Be specific. Try not to leave anything up to interpretation. You can do this by using numbers, formulas, and examples. You should also try to be as assertive and confident as possible in your copy without being cocky. Remember to keep your target market at the center of all your content.

If you’re wanting to promote a discount, you shouldn’t miss any details. Try giving the customer all the information they need and be clear about it. For every post or landing page, make sure you are touching on all of these details: Who, What, Why, When, Where, How.

Call To Action

Implement CTAs. A Call To Action is telling your customers what the next step is. This could be to download something, like the post, “comment if you agree”. This allows you to tell users where to go and what to do. Using a CTA is also a great way to measure the results. For example, if your CTA is telling people to visit your website, you can measure the results by monitoring how many clicks you get. From there you’re able to find out what works and what doesn’t.


Use proven formulas. There are a number of different formulas that have been proven to work for landing pages, websites, and social media posts. Companies have spent thousands of dollars testing different formulas to find what works best. Use these formulas to your advantage. I will talk about my favourite below. AIDA. Attention, Interest, Desire, Action.$

1. Attention

Social media is noisy, so first thing is first. Grab their attention. You can do this by calling out your market with a question. Examples: “Got dirty laundry?”, “Building a new house?”, etc. Grabbing their attention can be as simple as mentioning something that’s on their mind.$

2. Interest

Next. Write something that will get them interested. Examples: “We can do your laundry for you”, “We can plan your next build for you”. This tends to be where you can tell your customers how you’re able to help, or what makes your business different.$

3. Desire

Mention something that your customers may desire. Maybe you offer free wifi, samples, or coffee in store. Example: “Enjoy free wifi and coffee while you wait”. You know your target market best. So ask yourself – what do they enjoy doing in their spare time? What peaks their interest? And write it here.$

4. Action

This is where you tell your customers what to do. “Come in store”, “Download our e-Book”, etc. This is also how you’ll be able to measure your results.

Author: Yoran Nap

I help life coaches and authors create beautiful brands and websites. Keen to see what I could do for you? Work with me

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