The Reimagine Project

This is a personal project where I take the websites of influencers in the self-help and personal development space and put my own spin on the design.

The aim is to practise design beyond my client work, get better and hopefully inspire. I'll be doing one of these each week. If you know someone working in the personal development space feel free to nominate them.

Mark Manson

I love Mark’s writings which lead me to start this project. For this design I wanted to try something different for the headers…

Marie Forleo

For this design, I really wanted to try and express Marie’s flare and passion using a very decorative font alongside…

Danielle LaPorte

With Danielle’s whole-hearted and down-to-earth style of coaching, I wanted to go for a formal font with a bit of pizazz…

Sarah Prout

This is the first in the Reimagine Series. For this one I wanted the overall feel to be elegance by using circular section dividers…

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